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School Spotlights (May 1, 2016)
On April 29th the Highpoint badminton team travelled to Beaver Valley Community School to compete in the Bluewater Badminton Tournament.  Overall the school team placed second.  Congratulations to our team, who not only demonstrated excellent skills but also noteworthy sportsmanship.

May 4, 2016 is an Early Dismissal Day.  Students will arrive home two hours early.  This will be the last Early Dismissal Day, not only of the year but also for the foreseeable future.  Bluewater is discontinuing the practise of Early Dismissal Days.

As part of their Run, Jump, Play Everyday initiative, the South East Grey Community Health Team will be offering and afterschool program to students every Thursday from 3:20-4:30, starting May 5th at Highpoint Community School.  Students will play a variety of games, sports and fitness activities.  There will be a new activity every week.  Parent permission forms were sent home with students last week, extra forms are available at the Highpoint office.

Are you moving?  Plans are underway for the 2016-2017 school year.  If you are moving, or if you know of families moving into the area, can you please notify the schools.  Accurate information regarding enrollment, lessens the likelihood of having to reorganize in September.

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